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Autodesk Canada Calgary
Autodesk is a software and services company for the manufacturing, infrastructure, building, media and entertainment, and wireless data services fields.
BioWare Edmonton
BioWare is an electronic entertainment company specializing in creating computer and console video games.
Computer Console
Blister Entertainment Calgary
Blister Entertainment is a publisher of location-based games and entertainment products to mobile operators.
Status: Inactive
Brink 3D Studios Calgary
Brink 3D Studios is an independent game development studio.
Computer Console Mobile
Calgary Game Developers Calgary
Calgary Game Developers's purpose is to foster collaboration, education and accountability amongst the Calgary game development community.
Chartwell Technology Calgary
Chartwell Technology is a developer and supplier of Internet gaming software systems to the online and mobile gaming industry.
Computer Mobile Online
Status: Inactive
Cybereye Visioneering Calgary
Cybereye Visioneering's services include 3D modelling, animation, presentation graphics and digital video.
Dreamgazers Interactive Calgary
Dreamgazers Interactive is an independent electronic entertainment company specializing in developing computer and console games.
Computer Console
Elijah Lucian Calgary
Elijah Lucian is a voice actor, SFX creator, musician and audio director.
Evolve PR Sherwood Park
Evolve PR is a public relations studio that deals with game companies.
Fluik Entertainment Edmonton
Fluik Entertainment creates games for smartphones, feature phones and tablets.
Games Cafe Calgary
Games Cafe is a games developer and online games portal.
Computer Online Calgary develops and publishes chess related games.
Computer Mobile Online
HermitWorks Entertainment Grande Prairie
HermitWorks are the developers of Space Trader.
Status: Inactive
Hotrocket St.Albert
Hotrocket is an interactive production company that architects compelling multiplatform experiences.
Status: Inactive
Hungry Moose Games Edmonton
Hungry Moose Games looks to create fun games utilizing the latest development tools that play well on the latest devices.
Mobile Online
Itzy Interactive Edmonton
Itzy Interactive is a developer focused on the mobile game market.
Matt Makes Games Edmonton
Matt Makes Games is the personal home page of indie game developer Matt Thorson.
Computer Online
Mink Hollow Media Cochrane
Mink Hollow Media designs and builds web and PC games for educational and advertising purposes.
Computer Online
Orbital Media Calgary
Orbital Media is a publisher and developer of handheld video-games.
Status: Inactive
Ph03nix New Media Calgary
Ph03nix New Media specializes in non-conventional game markets: educational, casual, and branded entertainment.
PixelStorm Edmonton
PixelStorm is a privately held developer of games and technology.
Computer Console
Rare Method Games Calgary
Rare Method Games is an animation studio and online game developer.
Online Service
Razberry Design Calgary
Razberry Design is an online game developer.
Status: Inactive
Rocketfuel Games Edmonton
Rocketfuel Games works with clients and partners to create game-based experiences using online, mobile and real world game platforms.
Simon Hason Design Calgary
Simon Hason is an independent games developer.
Mobile Online
Sonic Media Calgary
Sonic Media specializes in creating original music and sound design for all media formats.
Spitfire Games Edmonton
No information available.
Syndicate Alpha Software Edmonton
Syndicate Alpha Software is a game development firm specializing in PC games.
Titan Strike Edmonton
Titan Strike's mandate is to offer the most sophisticated online world for gamers of all ages and genres.
Very Big Games Edmonton
Very Big Games is an independent computer games developer.
Wazoo Inc Calgary
Wazoo is a game development agency composed of a small, concentrated team of consultants.
XGen Studios Edmonton
XGen Studios is an award-winning developer, publisher, and technology provider for the Web, WiiWare, PSN, iOS, MacOS and Windows.
Computer Console Online
Zensoft Studios Calgary
Zensoft Studios is a collective of interactive media and game companies.
Computer Console Online Service


Complex Games Winnipeg
Complex Games produces social, casual & serious web-based games and applications.
CubeForce Media Winnipeg
CubeForce Media is an independent game production studio specializing in MMORPG development.
Digital Pictureworks Winnipeg
Digital Pictureworks is a producer of animation and visual effects for clients.
Fortune Cat Game Studio Winnipeg
Fortune Cat Games Studio is a not-for-profit organization that houses teams which produce prototype games.
Status: Inactive
Infinite Ammo Winnipeg
Infinite Ammo is the personal home page of indie game developer Alec Holowka.
Computer Mobile
Ludicrous Software Winnipeg
Ludicrous Software is an independent mobile software development company.
Mobile Service
Ogreforce Winnipeg
Ogreforce is an independent game developer.
Playhouse Entertainment Winnipeg
Playhouse Entertainment is a video game development studio focused on creating emotional and story-driven games featuring realistic and innovative motion-controlled gameplay.
Computer Console
Prizzim 3 Winnipeg
Prizzim 3 is an interactive game developer.
Promaginy Winnipeg
Promaginy invests in, cultivates, and creates new intellectual and internet properties.
Project Whitecard Winnipeg
Project Whitecard is a developer of leading edge media applications, serious games and data management systems.
Red Reptile Winnipeg
Red Reptile is a video game developer.
Computer Console Mobile
Stunt Software Winnipeg
Stunt Software is a developer of Mac and iPhone games and applications.
Computer Mobile
TMFX Studios Winnipeg
TMFX Studios is dedicated to game development as an expression of interactive media.
Tomkorp Winnipeg
Tomkorp Computer Solutions is a professional computer services company and developer of Clones, a puzzle/real-time stategy game.
Computer Service
We Heart Games Winnipeg
We Heart Games is an independent games development adventure.
Mobile Service
Witness Digital Entertainment Treherne
Witness Digital Entertainment is a CG outsourcing company.


Imagimedia Regina
Imagimedia provides a full range of digital media services including content creation and technical support across multiple platforms.
Melcher Media Regina
Melcher Media provides a full range of communications, marketing and advertising solutions, both in digital and traditional media.
Midnight Synergy Regina
Midnight Synergy's one purpose is to make games that are great fun.
Monoclesoft Saskatoon
Monoclesoft is an independent video game company.
Console Handheld
TinyEYE Saskatoon
TinyEYE provides speech language therapy services for children through the use of online games.