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TinyEYE Therapy Services

"TinyEYE is an established global leader in providing Speech-Language Services. TinyEYE has recognized a lack of certified Speech-Language Pathologists being able to meet the growing demand of special education departments, rural districts, and culturally diverse students. An estimated 300,000 children in the world currently have no access to therapy due to geographical, social, and economic conditions. We advocate that children should have equal access to quality speech therapy, regardless of these limitations. It is our goal to reach these children and leave no child behind. Our business model is built around delivering the highest valued solutions in the most cost effective way.

TinyEYE's integrated award winning software goes beyond simply video conferencing. We have created an interactive atmosphere where activities, progress measurement, detailed reporting, and homework monitoring have been proven more efficient and effective than traditional therapy methods. We are proud to be recognized as innovative pioneers within our industry. Our student focused approach makes learning fun and speech therapy an outstanding experience. We are dedicating to going above and beyond your expectations in everything we do."
TinyEYE Therapy Services
103-116 Research Drive
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 3R3