Canadian Video Game Companies


"Dreamgazers Interactive was incorporated in February of 2004 and was created to fulfill a dream. The dream to make unique interactive experiences, games with rich, deep storylines, outstanding character development and by using top of the line technologies in graphics, sound and gameplay collectively to bring something new and fresh to the industry and gamers around the globe!

Our goal is to create unique games avoiding common mistakes and similarities most games feature nowadays while at the same time appeal to the mass gaming market in an exciting new way - thus turning the dream into a need as well. Tired of the same old games ourselves, we believe that games can be inspired by everyday life, imagination and other forms of art and that creating games IS a form of art in itself and most times more successful than film, when it comes to quality of story and their ability to capture an audience! We make games WE 'd love to play!

We are located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada, country of some of the most successful game development houses in the industry!

With over 10 years of experience in video game development on average, the Dreamgazers team is more than qualified to bring our projects to life, using their endless passion for games, creativity, imagination and talent!"
12 Salina St SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2W 0V9