Canadian Video Game Companies


"Prizzim 3 is a Winnipeg-based interactive game developer. It was created to develop entertaining games, based on high-concept convergent Intellectual Properties that contain underlying positive messages for children. Prizzim 3's mandate is to produce products and programs that support a positive profile for the company and their clients in a multi-cultural environment. The products are primarily created for the internet, that will integrate with graphic novels, Trading Card Games, television series and a range of toys, books and collectibles.

A high definition, customized, always-connected experience is a tall order for any game team. Prizzim 3 capitalizes on the trends that drive the success of next generation titles. Online has emerged as the new medium for interactive entertainment. As a result, it changes the way we think about the creation, distribution, and consumption of gaming experiences and presents new opportunities to evolve the craft of making games even further. This is the primary avenue of Prizzim 3's current game development.

Prizzim 3 is integrating Vision Media Group's proprietary Armoured Chameleon technology. The system facilitates the building of a global community, based on a trusted relationship model. The program is especially appropriate for the application of games where children are involved and reduces opportunities for predator intervention by providing a 'safer' web experience. It is designed to enable Prizzim 3 to achieve additional revenue through unique and appropriate advertising integration as well as other novel forms of revenue generation."
Winnipeg, Manitoba