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Ph03nix New Media

"President & CEO Jon Lam founded Infinitum Education in 2003. During his 12 years of experience tutoring and 2 years of experience in corporate training, Mr. Lam discovered one simple, if overlooked fact. Students (or employees) who do not consistently practice what they have learned will not remember those concepts at a later date.

Armed with this realization, and finding that most academic software focused on teaching concepts rather than making them "stick", Mr. Lam set out to create a company that would redefine "homework" for the 21st century. The resulting company, Ph03nix New Media, leverages the use of multiplayer video gaming and the power of the internet to engage students in order to create deep, intuitive understanding of subject material.

inspire! Our goal is to inspire the world to learn. But that inspiration must start with you. Be inspired. And let that inspiration flow through everything that you do. Make software that inspires adults & kids to want to learn more.

Expect More From Us. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in terms of product quality, community, pricing, and customer satisfaction. This means doing things that no other company is willing to do. 100% money back guarantees. Pricing that is dependent on your satisfaction. Links on our webpage to those of our competitors so that you can stay fully informed.

We also listen to our customers! Have a suggestion or concern? Post an entry in our discussion forums. When we designed our products, we conducted numerous focus groups with teachers and parents. That's why we made sure our products were non-violent, designed with girls in mind, and had the rigorous reporting required by teachers."
Ph03nix New Media
Calgary, Alberta