Canadian Video Game Companies

Cybereye Visioneering

"CyberEye Visioneering, with over 20 years history in creating dynamic visuals for Oil and Gas presentations; we've included animation for plotting seismic and drilling, 3D cartography, as well as modeling for geologic and geophysical cross-sections. Even structural formations; complete exploration mapping for domestic and international clients.

With the advent of 3D rendering our efforts had refocused to include the realm of Gameware and Entertainment software.

It is a venture each one of us in the group had been eager towards. These days our magic includes modeling complete geodetic 3D terrain , flocking IKA's, UV wrapping, and environment mapping.

Our current strengths, expertise and projects find us as Insider development roles, creating world monetary systems, aswell as flora and fauna creation and kinematics for stand-alone and online MMORPG's."
Cybereye Visioneering
Calgary, AB