Canadian Video Game Companies

Xtreme Prototypes

"Xtreme Prototypes, incorporated in 2006, is an international game studio based in Montreal, mainly dedicated to developing and marketing high-quality add-on products for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The company focuses on products with a high educational or historical value. We are looking forward into the development of add-on aircraft that have influenced the evolution of flight, mainly X-planes and other "extreme prototypes", which can provide an exciting and unique flight simulation experience to our users.

Our first series of products, the X-15 for Flight Simulator, brings the excitement of high-speed and high-altitude flight and the challenge of an X-15 research mission to flight simulation enthusiasts and X-15 fans around the world.

Our products are designed to evolve with time, according to the feedback we receive from our users or from anyone interested in our products or in flight simulation or aviation in general. Please let us know your comments, ideas and suggestions."
Xtreme Prototypes Inc
PO Box 64 Station Place du Parc
Montréal, Québec
H2X 4A3