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Real DB

"Real DB Inc. offers 3D modeling products & custom solutions in the field of military training, industrial and mechanical simulation, aerospace, serious game, architectural, driving simulation, transportations planning and more.

Founded in 1999 on the rigorous demands of the military training and simulation industry, our products & services have proven their reliability and are now recognized as the best synthetic 3D content for real-time simulation.

Requiring high detailed & articulated 3D models, IR thermal imaging, night vision view, specific entities, geospecific terrain database, 3D building and elements, our custom services will provide you accurate visual recognition, high definition texture quality for complete immersion in your virtual environments.

Our new 3D model catalogue & DVD packages offer you the faster plug and play solution for your visual simulation. Including photo specific textures, level of detail, articulated parts,damage & destroyed state, multiple paint schemes, animated parts, light points, transport and engagement states."
Real DB Inc
C.P. 99
Saint-Sauveur, Québec
J0R 1R0