Canadian Video Game Companies

Kutoka Interactive

"Kutoka was founded in 1995 and is first and foremost a developer of ideas, a creative boutique set up to develop great content and to nurture brands created by this new content. The company started by developing multimedia titles for prominent third-party publishers such as Compaq, Fisher-Price and the Corel Corporation. Then in 1998, Kutoka launched its first self-published title "Mia's Reading Adventure - The Search for Grandma's Remedy", assuming complete responsibility for product development, publishing and distribution.

Kutoka's complete in-house production facility and Softimage 3D animation studio handle all facets of development, including concept, scripting, animation, programming, integration and testing. Educational consultants follow Kutoka's projects from the beginning and contribute to the product design. Concepts and designs are tested and re-tested with the final users, children. All of these elements have combined with Kutoka's world-class design capabilities to establish the company's reputation as an innovative creator of edutainment for children.

Our mission is to continue to produce original, different, high-quality, entertaining and educative products that use the strengths of the interactive medium."
Kutoka Interactive
3689 St-Hubert Street
Montréal, Québec
H2L 3Z9