Canadian Video Game Companies

Frima Studios

"Founded in 2003 by Steve Couture, Philippe Brégin and Christian Daigle, Frima Studio was born from the desire of three visionaries to craft video games and digital entertainment for all platforms and screens.

The name "Frima" is a testament to the studio's humble wintery beginnings, as the apartment in which the trio had set shop was so poorly insulated and heated that both floor and windows were covered in frost. In French, "frimas" means "frost," so they ditched the silent "s" and dubbed the company "Frima."

Even though the studio's beginnings were humble, Frima still started out by producing Web games for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Harry Potter and Looney Tunes. With prestigious names like these lining its portfolio, the studio quickly earned a reputation for the quality of its games, both art-wise and technology-wise."
Frima Studios
585 Charest est
suite 900
Québec, PQ
G1K 3J2