Canadian Video Game Companies


"Founded in 2000, Evillusion is one of Quebec's most promising new game development studios. Its team of more than 25 specialized employees, spread throughout North America, France, Belgium and Sweden, is presently working on its latest project, Eon of Tears : The Bible Code. Designed to push the limits of graphic quality and scenario intelligence, EoT will surely redefine the standards in Role-Playing Games.

Evillusion also offers services in computer graphics design, 3D animation and 3D modeling. Essentially composed of professionals coming from the top gaming companies, the Evillusion's division is capable of taking production to a superior level. Its team includes experimented specialists who master all aspects of game projects : real-time cinematics, virtual environments, storyboardings, computer graphics design, 2D - 3D animation and modeling, musical design, etc."
Montréal, Québec