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DTI Software

"In-flight entertainment has changed dramatically over the past few years. Technological evolutions on the ground and the abundance of entertainment at everyone's fingertips have led travelers to expect a wider range of entertainment options when flying.

Gaming is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment on the ground, and since 1995, DTI Software, the world's leading in-flight entertainment software and solutions provider, has taken the world's best casual gaming brands to the skies.

DTI develops and integrates cutting-edge entertainment software, owning over 90% of the worldwide in-flight games market, and supplying popular licensed in-flight games to the majority of the world's airlines. The company has exclusive licensing agreements with the most popular entertainment brands to provide airline passengers around the globe with incomparable entertainment experiences from the comfort of their plane seats.

Passengers today also enjoy a more personalized service for their on-board purchases and entertainment choices. DTI's innovative solutions division, DTI Solutions, is the airline market's leading developer of on-board applications allowing airline passengers to use their seat-back entertainment systems to access digital reading material, enjoy in-flight shopping or select their on-board meals.

Whether passengers are looking to indulge in a game of chess, learn a language, enjoy their favorite casual game, or read, shop and purchase from their in-flight entertainment systems, travelers around the world can access the very best in-flight entertainment through DTI's extensive product and solutions catalog provided to over 100 airlines around the world.

DTI Software is wholly owned by Advanced Inflight Alliance AG."
DTI Software
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