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Ingenuity Works

"For more than 20 years, Ingenuity Works has been developing and sourcing quality educational software for schools. Ingenuity Works consists of a group of highly motivated professionals (including teachers). We strive to create the best possible learning tools for today's students-the leaders of the future.

Many of today's young teachers used our products when they were students. We often hear that these teachers are using newer versions of All The Right Type and the Crosscountry series in their classrooms today. That's a testament to the quality and longevity of our software.

Our software is used in more than 40,000 schools. We specialize in K-12 programs, and we cover math, social studies, language arts, computer technology, science, and keyboarding. Our client base spans schools, school districts, provincial and state education ministries, libraries, associations, the military, corporations, and software resellers.

New multimedia and Internet technologies are becoming more commonly used in schools and homes. This means that educational software programs are now more important than ever. Thanks to our extensive background in education, we have been able to combine comprehensive learning experiences with stimulating interactivity to create compelling and engaging products for today's youth."
Ingenuity Works
325 Howe St
Suite 407
Vancouver, BC
V6C 1Z7