Canadian Video Game Companies

Hothead Games

"Hothead is an independent game developer and publisher based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In short, we:

1. make quality episodic games for the experienced gamer, and
2. use digital distribution to deliver our titles directly to you.

Today it seems like so many games fall into two categories: hard-core games with complex mechanics and so many hours of gameplay that they are daunting to start, and simple "casual" games which are quick to play and inexpensive to buy but lack depth. Hothead's games are an excellent balance between these extremes. We make games that are accessible, easy to pick up and play, and can be completed in a reasonable number of hours. But our titles also offer a level of gameplay depth and production quality that experienced gamers have come to expect."
Hothead Games
408 - 1008 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2X1