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Digital Eclipse

"With more than 14 years development experience, Digital Eclipse is the undisputed leader in classic game emulation. A proprietary brand of Foundation 9 Entertainment, Digital Eclipse pioneered game emulation in 1993 with the company's first emulated games Joust, Robotron, and Defender. Since then the company has shipped scores of classic packs featuring hundreds of games on every platform from PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, to PSP, PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, GBA, Genesis and Super Nintendo.

The company maintains a wealth of proprietary emulation technologies that enable us to quickly emulate a huge variety of classic processors, co-processors, and arcade boards. This enables us to develop pixel-perfect recreations of classic games on modern systems without access to the original source code. Our proprietary meta-emulation tool chain performs a number of pre-optimization tasks to make emulation possible on more modest platforms such as GBA and TV Games.

Our clients include nearly every major game manufacturer of the classic era, including: Midway/Williams, Namco, Capcom, Activision, Atari, Sega, and Microsoft. Classic game packs, typically sold at a value price-point, remain "evergreen" sellers. With experience spanning several generations of consoles, many of the platforms for which Digital Eclipse has originally developed games are now considered "classic" themselves.

The Digital Eclipse legacy continues to thrive under Foundation 9 Entertainment, with Digital Eclipse-branded games being developed at a variety of studios within the F9E family. Games carrying the Digital Eclipse name are primarily developed by Foundation 9 studios, Backbone Vancouver, and Backbone Emeryville."
Digital Eclipse
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