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Clockwork Productions

"Be creative, be original, be effective and be efficient; this is Clockwork Productions' mantra, and Sean's personal commitment to Clockwork's clients. Possessing all of the necessary tools to produce high quality music scores on time and within budget, Clockwork provides a first class alternative for any music project. Sean's commitment ensures that deadlines are met and the music is always better than his clients first envisioned.

Sean's background in music composition and audio production is extensive. It started when he picked up his first guitar at age eight and decided that music was his life. In addition to becoming a proficient guitarist, Sean steadily gained diversified knowledge in all genres of music with dedicated practice, lessons, experimentation and hands on live band experience. Later he attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and studied under preeminent studio musicians to further improve his natural musical abilities. When he returned home from L.A. Sean decided to pursue a professional career in audio production. His deep interest in technology and his love for his craft led to the birth of Clockwork Productions and the realization of his life-long passion to make music.

Producing a new music score is more than just another project; Sean Kolton and Clockwork become totally involved in achieving the best results possible for every client."
Clockwork Productions
Vancouver, British Columbia