Canadian Video Game Companies

Telos Entertainment

"For going on ten years, Telos Productions has been a creative, software development, management company, almost exclusively providing expertise to various film, and new media projects. Working on film, computer animation, and software development projects have provided the Telos Team with strong grounding and experience that is directly relevant to video game production and their current and future ambitions.

Comprised of Sean Yeomans, Mark Sandiford, Ben Woodhead and Arden Belfry, Telos has been developing video games under subcontract for film and television for the last six years. During the past two years, the Team, fully embracing the opportunity and stimulating challenge inherent in the creation and execution of video games, began to focus foremost on software development."
Telos Entertainment
59B Grafton Street
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 7L9