Canadian Video Game Companies

Sculpin QA

"We provide all levels of testing from playability, to Pre Certification functionality to focus group testing. We work on all the major consoles as well as handhelds.

We check your game against the Certification requirements to help you get your game to market. We prefer to come on board early in the development process, but will provide late version testing as well.

Want to find out how your game is going to do with a specific age group or profile? We do that too. It's interesting what you find from these sessions, but ONLY if they are done properly. Just getting some people together to play your alpha or beta is not enough. We know how to elicit true comments and reactions.

Our testers are not only technically strong but are true hard core gamers. For comparisons and game play evaluation, there is no better group to play your game."
Sculpin QA
18 Allen Street
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 2V3