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Magnet Mobile

"Magnet Mobile Media Inc. is an interactive development and marketing company with a primary focus on all emerging wireless technologies.

Magnet was formed in 2001 in Canada and in Scotland. Its mission is to create leading edge marketing and communications campaigns for clients through the use of: proprietary and addictive viral content incorporated into games, entertainment and promotional advertising. All of which is delivered through the wireless communication and online media.

We design, develop, and deploy mobile marketing solutions for clients who understand the tremendous potential of this emerging mobile medium. Designing, developing and deploying Mobile Marketing campaigns requires agency & marketing acumen combined with technical expertise and proprietary systems specific to the mobile platform. And it requires the ability to integrate with existing brand programs to deliver content across multiple cellular carriers.

One of Magnet's key competitive advantages is its recognition that while technology and solid technical support are key to this medium, content - not technology - is king. Mobile marketing campaigns are effective when they support the brand positioning / strategy and when they deliver content and functionality that the target audience wants.

Magnet's in-house design team includes both creative and technical resources that let us create and develop engaging promotions and applications. We are at the forefront of both mobile marketing campaign development as well as the development of next generation electronic games software for SMS Java, 3G, PC and console gaming platforms.

Magnet is a value added supplier to wireless carriers in the creation of viral games and promotional programs designed to encourage revenue generating repeat visits through unique prizing mechanisms.

Magnet Mobile Media is positioned to work with brands, agencies, and carriers."
Magnet Mobile Media Inc
118 Sydney Street
Suite 302
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 1G4