Canadian Video Game Companies

Game Plan

"Over the past decade, the market for electronic entertainment software (video games) has grown dramatically, with both hardware and software products catering to surging demand. In recent years, sales of video game software titles alone have outstripped box office receipts for the US film industry, helping to establish the video game as North America's preferred entertainment choice among young people. Globally, the video game industry is worth tens of billions of dollars and contributes to the employment of thousands of people worldwide.

In order to fully exploit this global opportunity for Prince Edward Island, Technology PEI launched GamePlan in 2003. GamePlan is a co-ordinated strategy for the development and growth of the video game industry in Prince Edward Island. At the time of its launch, TechPEI believed the game industry represented a significant opportunity for both regional differentiation and overall growth and expansion of the technology industry in Prince Edward Island. TechPEI launched GamePlan with several primary objectives:
  • Promote Prince Edward Island as a potential expansion destination for international game companies
  • Assist companies with identifying local sources of investment, information and other forms of assistance
  • Promote export and trade development within the PEI game sector
  • Match local employers with qualified human resources seeking employment in Prince Edward Island
  • Promote local success stories, industry events and other news
  • Promote Prince Edward Island as a premier location to live, work and play
  • Establish, promote and nurture a game culture in Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island is now home to over 60 people working directly in video game development and the Island's game companies are collectively experiencing significant growth. Technology PEI is working towards the creation of 500 new jobs in the game sector within 5 years."
Game Plan
Charlottetown, PEI