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"Loogaroo is a wolfman, better yet, he's a shape shifter. A mischievous creature that can take on other forms in order to achieve a goal.

The Loogaroo is also a perfectionist, maybe a bit obsessive compulsive. We'd like to think that he just has very high standards of quality rather than being a nut job.

At the same time though, we believe that in order for an animation and gaming studio to be successful, it must also keep exceptionally high standards and of course, some of that nuttiness.

To keep these higher standards for our clients, we take on fewer projects and never anymore than one television series at a time. this way we maximize the focus of our talents on art, the message and story. We have a deep passion for creating and telling stories in all forms and mediums.

We've produced commercials, branded webseries, games & apps, corporate presentations, shorts and televisions shows. At Loogaroo we've assembled a team of high caliber writers, directors, artists, animators and programmers that can shape-shift into any medium that will best deliver the results you need and crave.

From 3D, Stop Motion, Flash, After Effects or Puppetry, we can do it all and have. Our experienced team has hundreds of production credits under their belts. From Pre-school shows for Sesame Street, commercials for Toyota, Interactive E-Learning for Nike, to working on Family Guy. We've even produced our own adult show for Teletoon. We really do enjoy creating in the full spectrum and we've delivered throughout, it's just what we do.

Loogaroo will deliver for you quality content on time and on budget, that's for certain. However we promise you alot of laughter along the way.

We love what we do."
139 Duke Street
Unit 202
Miramichi, NB
E1N 1H6