Canadian Video Game Companies

Longtail Studios

"At Longtail Studios, we create games with character. Our games put an emphasis on vivid characters, engaging storylines and superior gameplay to create the most innovative, entertaining and fun experience you can have with your mobile phone. Our goal is to redefine the entertainment experience of mobile users.

Longtail Studios is working to open the world of gaming to everyone. The content of our games is selected and developed to strike a chord with our audience. Our games are highly relatable and simply playable, while still offering the highest value of gameplay that experienced players have become accustomed to.

We explore the major themes of popular entertainment, and so, when playing our games, feel free to laugh or even feel for the characters. We want to make gaming an everyday part of your entertainment experience. We want you to share our games with friends. We want you to have a hard time putting them down. We want you to look forward to playing the games.

The reason why Longtail Studios develops games for mobile phones is simple. It's the best way to get our games to you and everyone you know. These days nearly everyone has a mobile phone, and every day more people look to the "smallest screen" for entertainment. Mobile entertainment options are increasing each day. Longtail Studios looks forward to being your source for mobile entertainment and providing you with the absolute best experience."
Longtail Studios
Maritime Centre
1505 Barrington St., Mezzanine
Halifax, NS
B3J 3K5